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Kamadhenu is a leading multi location travel services provider handling large volumes of bookings and having an established track record of over 20 years. The implementation for Kamadhenu is a full duplex, transactive e-business platform powered by Bizexpress 3.1. The system comprise of two parts. The HOSTED WEB system and the BACKOFFICE system.

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While the webserver hosts the Bizexpress generated ASP code and has business objects as the middleware to access a Bizexpress generated Database schema for both catalog and enquiries. The Bizexpress backoffice allows Kamadhenu staff to obtain orders/enquiries from the web, continue with the booking, check for availability, and inform the client on the status of the order/enquiry. Through this interface the staff can manage the online contentsand the Bizexpress synchronization tool synchronizes the backoffice database with the hosted database. There is also a powerful spider external EDI system which works online/offline and synchronizes with an external database. A total Backoffice to Web integration solution for Kamadhenu.

The following features of bizexpress 3.1 are enabled on the Kamadhenu webserver
go to website Search for travel options.
go to website Drilldown catalog.
go to website Multi domain enquiry (Corporate / Individual /Agent logon).
go to website Online order management interface.
go to website User management & Profiling.
go to website User signup facility.
go to website Enquiry/Booking Tracking & Management.
go to website Automatic invoicing system.

The Offline Administration components installed in Kamadhenu back office are :
go to website Biz Spider: For EDI with external database system. (Reservation Availability info etc).
go to website Biz Order : Complete Customer,Order and Invoicing system.
go to website Biz Front : For online content management.
go to website Biz Sync : For synchronizing desktop/Backoffice database with Webserver/Hosted database.

go to website NT IIS (Webserver)
go to website Bizexpress 3.1 Platform (App Server)
go to websiteBizexpress 3.1 DAO (Database)
go to websiteBizexpress 3.1 Suite (Backoffice)








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